Oct BTB Finishers
Bay To Bridge Finishers

Travel writer, Christine Desol, has published a great article about Slow Adventure online.  There are great photos of many of our walkers and scenes from our recent trips.  Enjoy this link.



Our lack of rain has made crossing the Pajaro River on Day 2 of Walk The Bay a bit easier than in previous seasons.  However, we had some visitors to the mouth of the river yesterday.

harbor seal at the river

These interested mammals made us reconsider crossing at the mouth.  After a short walk back along the river we found a shallow crossing point.   A little adventure along the way made for a great day on the Monterey Bay.

A new feature film, Chasing Mavericks, showcases the coastal beauty of both the Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay areas.  Sure its a surfing movie with all the cliches you would expect.  But, there is more here than one would expect and there is the added bonus of incredible coastal views.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Surfer Statue
The Surfer Statue at Steamers Lane

If you’ve enjoyed a Slow Adventure you should recognize some of the venues featured in the movie.  Steamers Lane and Pleasure Point are both sights you’ll see along our Walk The Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey.  Mavericks is one of the highlights along the trail on our Bay to Bridge walk from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco.

Keep walking!