I finally took my first Stand Up Paddling lesson!  This new sport is called SUP and it is really becoming popular anywhere you can find water, rivers, lakes, and the ocean.  My instructor, Doug at Half Moon Bay Kayaks was extremely patient and helpful as I launched my surfboard like SUP board from the Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay.  

Inn to Inn hikers along the Monterey Bay try Stand Up Paddling
Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
The views you get from standing up on the water are hard to describe.  Once I established my balance and became comfortable with the paddle, I was able to navigate along the harbor and check out the boats, the birds, and, finally the beautiful coastal backdrop behind the harbor.  I definitely recommend trying this fast growing sport!

Click below to watch a short video of the Santa Cruz Main Beach on the first day of summer at 7:45am. You can just imagine what it looked like in a couple of hours. It really pays to be up early and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Plus, a tip for visitors, parking along this popular beach is free until 10am!

Main Beach Video – Santa Cruz

The krill is blooming and now is the time to get on the water and see the amazing whales and other mammals on the Monterey Bay. Our Walk The Bay walkers may see spouts from time to time, but taking a whale watching trip really gets you up close and personal. This article in our local newspaper is worth a read if you love whales. You can book a whale watching trip in Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, and Monterey.

Inn to Inn hiking around the Monterey Bay starts with a whale watching trip
Whale watching boat leaving Santa Cruz

Hope to see you this year on the Monterey Bay!

A new website challenges you to do nothing for 2 minutes….just stare at the ocean scene and listen to the waves.  If you can do this….you may just be ready to take a Slow Adventure trip from Santa Cruz to Monterey, around the entire Monterey Bay on foot.

Inn to inn walking around the Monterey Bay, stopping at Zmudowski Beach
Saturday Morning at Zmudowski Beach

I recently offered a Slow Adventure along the Zmudowski State Beach as a charitable auction prize. I was pleased when a local Santa Cruz family won the prize and chose to spend a Saturday morning exploring one of the most remote beaches along the Monterey Bay. We explored the seasonal wetlands and were able to spot marsh wrens protecting their intricately woven nests along with colorful avocets and regal stilts. We walked out to the mouth of the San Lorenzo River and watched harbor seals fishing in the shallows as the river met the ocean. Walking back on the beach, we spotted surf fishermen competing with cormorants and pelicans for fish.
Finally, we ended with a slow walk up one of the steep sand dunes and enjoyed a great view of the wetlands.

Inn to inn walking around the Monterey Bay, sand dunes
Sand Dunes at Zmudowski Beach

I hope you’ll get out soon and enjoy some place you’ve never stopped to explore.