How about a photo each day for a year?  My friend and excellent photographer, web designer, and social activist, Jen Wills, is doing just that.  Her project, “A 365 Vision Project” requires her to take one photo each day, make a short comment or reflection, and post to her website.  The result is a fantastic and unusual view of Santa Cruz, California, one day at a time.  Please enjoy at

You Can Walk the Bay…Sometimes

Most people I’ve talked to in the Monterey Bay area comment on our Walk the Bay trip with….”I didn’t know you could walk all the way from Santa Cruz to Monterey on the beach?”

Well, you can….and can’t.  During the winter months it is virtually impossible to get to Monterey from Santa Cruz.   The Salinas River and the Pajaro River both flow into the Monterey Bay and create quite a dangerous crossing, even for an Adventure Guide.

So, we run our trips from May through September for a very good reason.  If you have any doubts check out this article about our walks in the local newspaper.

No Crossing at the Salinas River

The internet has changed how we all plan our vacations.  I am pleased to report that we are featured on two very helpful international websites, and Just look under United States and you can’t miss us.  For locals seeking a staycation or weekend getaway in the Monterey Bay area the site is really enlightening….so much to do in our own backyard, including Walk the Bay.

Barbra Streisand

Remember when Barbra Streisand sued the group that was documenting the coast of California in aerial photos?  Well the group is the California Coastal Records Project, and they continue to do magnificent work.  I suggest going to their site, searching Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, and then moving the right hand arrows slowly as the photos take you south along the beaches to Monterey.  It’s not as fun as walking the most beautiful 40 miles around….but, it will give you a wonderful look at this amazing landscape.   Please remember that you have NOT burned any calories during this adventure.

Copyright (C) 2002-2010 Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman, California Coastal Records Project,

I am fortunate that my brother-in-law, Chuck Perez, is a pilot and fabulous photographer.  Our Walk the Bay looks quite amazing from the air.  Here are some shots of the beaches on Day Two of the walk.

Pleasure Pt. to Capitola

SC Boardwalk to Yacht Harbor